Whether your company is known as a market leader–or it’s striving to grow to that point–it’s important to value the customer experience. The customer experience is the new benchmark for commercial success, utilizing and measuring every step of the customer journey.

This is where Customer Experience Management (CEM) comes into play. CEM is capable of measuring and optimizing each stage of the customer journey by evaluating and maintaining a consistent metric of customer statisfaction. Typically, this is done through various groups within a company, each measuring and working to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics at a regular interval. This type of CEM works best when a business and it’s customers have a transparent relationship, and customers are free to provide feedback.

Happy, loyal customers drive growth by making more purchases and promoting you to their friends and family over their lifetimes.

At a fundamental level, customer satisfaction is not a difficult metric to obtain. A simple binary question such as “Were you satisfied with your experience” could do wonders for any organization just starting to measure the customer experience.

Unhappy customers defect and may even bad-mouth you and drive away business. This is why you should make the effort to know how your customers feel about you today so you can estimate how you’ll fare tomorrow.

Many companies are using feedback, software, and other solutions for the sake of Customer Experience Management. Capturing feedback from every customer interaction, CEM software helps you keep track of your company’s performance. This software provides clear and compelling reports that help you analyze and understand emerging trends and customer issues. They also facilitate actions to drive improvement and create more fundamental changes. CEM software has proven to be just as important as financial accounting systems for the assessment of company performance.

Focus on Action

Your CEM program should be focused on the customers and their experience. Good software will allow you to focus on creating a company that customers will love while the software company takes care of advanced analytics and best practices. Advanced analytics and support in social, text, and predictive realms can generate insights from social sites and reviews.

CEM all starts with a true understanding of what it really is. CEM encompasses more than just user experience or customer service. It’s a comprehensive process that begins with the assessment of every customer interaction with the brand at every step along the customer journey. All of these interactions together form the customer journey map, an invaluable first step in the CEM process. The next step is analyzing the Voice of the Customer (VoC).

Choosing CEM Software

This is the customer’s feedback from each interaction. Software can help with feedback by integrating it from virtually any source, including call center recordings, point of sale data, online reviews and many others. Once the VoC data has been analyzed, the next step is to drive improvement through use of the analysis. CEM consulting helps you discover insights that you can act on, and also helps you recognize the actions that will have the biggest impact on your overall customer experience. A centralized view of all customer feedback can power your CEM program. CEM software can provide cutting edge analysis that will help you take your business to the next level in customer satisfaction and overall success.