Block Website On Windows Computer

So you wants to block website on windows computer. No problem. There are many situations when you should block a website to open on your windows computer. There are many dangerous sites on internet that should be blocked to access.

In many colleges and schools, access to Facebook and YouTube and several other websites blocked. Do you know how they are able to block access to certain websites or a group of websites. This article will tell you how to block any website on windows PC.

How To Block Website On Windows Computer

Block Website In Windows 7

It is very simple to block website on windows 7. Most of the website will provide you with some complex ways to do this task. But here is the simple way.

  • Open Windows Explorer. 
  • Now Go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

C is the drive on which all Windows files are located means Windows is installed here. For fast access just copy C:WindowsSystem32driversetc , paste it in Windows path and Enter.

  • Now open the hosts file with Notepad.

It can be done by double clicking on hosts file then selecting Notepad program.

  • Now make that the cursor will go to last line of that Notepad file and press Enter.
  • Now this step is the most important step of whole process. Type, spacebar once then type the name of website you want to block access to. 
  • For example: if you wants to block access to, just type in same line. See below Screen for referance.
  • Add all the website you wants to block and follow the above procedure.
  • At last click on File and save all changes.
  • For testing it, open a new browsing session and type that website name which you blocked in hosts file.

Note:  Make sure all you had made all the changes as Administrator.

Easiest Way To Block Websites Using Software

One of the best and easiest way to block a website on windows is by using a software. If you have not installed any antivirus for Windows PC, install Avast Free Antivirus. It is one of the best and popular free antivirus for Windows PC and come with a site blocking feature. Most of the security suites come worth site blocking feature.

For using site blocking feature of Avast, just follow the below steps:

  • Open the Avast Free AV windows by clicking on avast icon in system tray.
  • Avast AV will open now. You will see a security tab, click on it.
  • Click on Tools. Under this there is an option of site blocking.
  • Check mark the Enable site blocking feature.
  • Type all the URLs of the website to be blocked. It will typed below where URLs to block is written.
  • Close all the web browsers opened and open a new session to test.

Block Website In Web Browser

You can also block websites in a web browser. If you block a website in a browser say Firefox that website is only blocked in Firefox. But will accessible on all other browsers on same PC.

Block Website In Firefox

If you wants to block any website in Mozilla Firefox web browser.  All you need is to install an add-on called BlockSite. For this, in Firefox click on Menu, go to add-on. search for BlockSite and install it.

Now restart the browser. Go to extension click on option of BlockSite. In the preference, click on add button to enter the URL of website in next windows. Now click on OK. Test it.

Block Website In Internet Explorer

To block any website in Internet Explorer. Click on Tools > Internet Options. Now go to content tab. Click on enable, below content advisor heading.

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Now go to Approved sites and type all that URL & Click never. Apply & OK.

Block Website In Google Chrome

To block any website in Google Chrome, all you need to install BlockSite Chrome extension and configure it accordingly.


If you are using a Windows PC and wants to block any website then you can follow above steps to get your task done. Remember all steps listed above are made to be followed on Window PC.

If you have any other technique to block a website on Windows PC, list that in comment section.


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