Best Web Browsers For Windows

Best Web browser For Windows. Yes. In this article I am going to tell you about Top Best web browsers of all time. Internet is growing very fast day by day. We us internet for many purposes. Like Internet banking, checking emails, work from home, watching online videos, playing videos and much more.

Without internet we can imagine our life in today’s world. From purchasing any thing to sending money, all can be done online easily. In India, the usage of internet is going heavily. 

Many telecom operators are coming with attractive data plans, just to satisfy consumers data needs. Are you also a big data hogger. People are eating the data like there is no  tomorrow. Do you know, for efficiently using the data and web, you should need a good web browser.

All of us should know about web browser. A web browser is piece of software by which we can surf the internet. It display web pages, images and videos in a readable format. Most of browsers available today have become more mature. 

They are not only using for web surfing, instead we can use it for web chatting. Every person has different opinion about every browser. But today i am going to list top best web browser for windows, as there are more windows users around there.

List Of Best Web Browsers For Windows

Below is the list of best web browsers available for windows. Lets catch them below.

  1. 1 Google Chrome

    We always love Google’s products. Google Chrome is one of them great web browser made by tech giant Google. Chrome is fastest web browser available. In many speed tests, it outranked its competitors. It boasts speed with minimal design. 

    This web browser is the goldmine of web features. From tabbed browsing to browser synchronization, it is up to its height. You also must have a speedy Windows PC to get most out of it.

    Another great feature of Chrome is incognito mode. It means browsing the web, without leaving any single trace about history, cookies, cache and searches. Chrome is always ahead in terms of security. It provides security from malware and dangerous sites. 

    When you are about to visit a malware hosted sites, it shows a warning that its dangerous ahead. Auto-updates is one of the coolest feature of chrome. t ensure that your browser remain updated all the time for better security. Sand boxing is another great feature which helps browser to isolate from malware and not affects other tabs if one tab is in trouble.

    Omnibox in chrome will let you search and open website in one box.  Chrome is build with simplicity and ease of use. Last days Google Chrome outranked it s competitors Firefox in terms of usage. Chrome provides best support for HTML5.

  2. 2 Mozilla FireFox

    Mozilla Firefox is one the oldest web browser available for modern web users. Recently Firefox UI goes through a whole up gradation and looks much better and like chrome. 

    Firefox is one best web browser in terms of speed and simplicity. There are many feature available in latest Firefox. It includes  Tabbed browsing, plethora of addons, customization, automatic updates, spell check, synchronization and much more. 

    This also has some great security feature like popup blocker, malware blocker, anti-phishing, private mode etc. You can use it on any windows compatible computer even on Mac OS.

    Firefox is the best browser, if you are concerned about your privacy.

  3. 3 Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is the default browser come in every windows computer. If you use windows 7 or windows 8 PC than its recommended to use the latest version of Internet Explorer. When I browse the web from IE 11 on  windows 7 laptop, its went very smooth. The built in default search engine is Bing from Microsoft. In IE11 HTML5 support is improved along with enhanced scaling for high DPI screens, WebGL supported, Spdy protocol from Google is also supported. It works on trident engine from Microsoft. Like Gecko of Firefox

    Microsoft claims Internet Explorer to be fastest browser in 2013. Although there are not much addons for IE, It offers better security and speed in every condition.

  4. 4 Opera Browser

    Opera is another great web browser made by Opera Software of Norway. Opera use the blink layout engine as of Chrome. Opera is mainly popular for its browser for mobile, Opera Mini. 

    It includes all feature of a good web browser like tabbed browsing, add-on’s,  bookmarks and download manager. One of the best feature of it is Speed dial.

    With Opera Turbo Mode, you will get high speed browsing as it compressed the web page data up to 80 percent. As it is powered by Chrome’s engine, thus provide same level of security from malware.

    All latest web standard are also supported by Opera. Opera’s browsers market share is very low. But it doesn’t mean it is useless.

  5. 5 Comodo Dragon

    Comodo dragon is a free web browser made by security vendor Comodo. Comodo Dragon is an improved version of Chrome. 

    It provides additional security than chrome and removes all privacy concerning issues. Its incorporates its own DNS Server and built in updater. Google hosted error page s are also removed.

  6. 6 Maxthon

    Most of us doesn’t know about the browser Maxthon. Its official name is Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is developed by Chinese company Maxthon Ltd. 

    • It support two rendering engines trident and webkit. 
    • Cloud Push is one of the fascinating feature of Maxthon . By this you can send text, images, website inks and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows systems.
    • With Safe site technology, you are ensured to surf web safely. 
    • Now no need to remember password and usernames. With magic fill, y usernames and password secured safely and auto fill. 
    • Other features of Maxthon includes Cloud share, Cloud download, Reader Mode, Cloud Synch, Ad hunter and more.


If you surf the web on daily basis, than above list of best web browser for windows is must for you. I have researched it to incorporate latest and best web browser in this list.

If you wants to surf web fast, than these are the browser for you. Provide your opinion about these web browser in comment section.


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