7 Best Video Compressor Tools to Compress Files!

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There was a time when we used to search for good videos (with big sizes), as most of them used to be with less clarity. But thanks to this generation and improved quality of videos. Now we can download crystal clear videos or can take nice videos with our smartphone too. With the advancement of technology, most of the smartphones opting to 4K video recording support. So, finding a quality video is not a big deal for these days. We can enjoy HD, Full-HD, 4K Videos on YouTube and on other similar sites or download with no issue. But is a little annoying could trigger when you want to share a nice video on a social networking site, or in WhatsApp. Yes, you can send them but it would take much time and network data. Hence, the video compressor software becomes very handy to reduce the video size on the go.

In the hunt for best Video Compressor, you might have seen plenty list. Also, you might have used them as well, it is true that most of the Video Compressors are the waste and you have to agree that.  Simply adding to the best video compressor make any video suitable for your phone, convenient to share on social networking sites, messenger etc. So, if you are seeking for the video compressors then follow this article to find the best video compressor.

Best Video Compressor Software/Tools:

1. Any Video Converter:

This is the best video compressor that you can install on your PC or Mac. It can convert you any videos and reduce its size without any hesitation. You can try free version for 30 days and with this free version, you can use all pro features. So, if you like the features you can opt for the Pro mode, which is worth for this best video compressor.

Any Video Converter

Not just compressor but it can change the format of your videos to make it more convenient to play with your device or make it more social sharing friendly. Try a free trial of Any Video Converter now and reduce the size of any video on the go.

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2. HandBrake:

Like its name, give some break to the size of any videos. This is a cross-platform software that you can try on your Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating System. This also packed with all premium features to change the format of any videos. Reducing video resolution at a minimum of 144pixel, it can decrease the size of videos dramatically.


It comes with many pre-set video regeneration settings, by selecting them it is easier to make videos. Also, you will find some popular smartphone brands’ dedicated video format for instant reducing the size and make more convenient.

3. Advanced   Video Compressor:

Now, this software is specially designed to compress your videos. And like its name, it is free to download on a Windows Operating System PC. With the just simple drag&drop feature you can add your desired videos in the software.

Advanced Video Compressor

And can create a new video with a lesser space taking size. HD, 4K videos’ size can be decreased at multiple times. So, download this software for free and decrease any of your videos size with this video compressor.

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4. Total Video Convertor:

In your back days, you might have used this software to convert any videos to any format. Well, ii is a popular video compressor that you can download on Mac, Windows OS, and Linux. It comes with a free version and pro version. Unlike other video compressors, it also comes with pre-setting to change the size of any video.

With this video compressor, you can choose video resolution manually matching your desire. This is very popular video converter that you can try as video resolution and size compressor.

5. Freemake Video Converter:

For just simple video converting or compressing the videos, this free video converter would be the best choice. As you can download it for free and change the resolution of big videos or compressed size of it.

It can be installed on your Windows 7/8.1/8/10 with no issue. So, if you are seeking to change a large size video just download it and can convert to a small size. Despite wasting money, this free video compressor would the best for your Windows.

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6. Format Factory:

This is yet another best video converter for PC and also one of the videos resize software. This software can change any video format to other formats instantly. Not just videos but is can also change the format of audio and images. So, it is a quite powerful software to reduce the size of video resolution and data size.

With this, you can make social share ready with just simple steps. Like other, it also comes with a free trial version that you can download from its site. And no matter what Operating System do you have installed on your machine. It supports on all OS platform.

7. Wondershare Video Converter:

This software is not just one of the best video compressor but also a powerful video converter. It is one of the popular video converters, which has many satisfied users. Despite reducing the size of videos, you can edit your videos too. With its filters and many editing tools you can create a new video with it.

And while saving a new video it allows you to save in various sizes. So, it makes easier to get a new video with a compressed size and make it easy to share with sharing apps.

So these where the top video compressor for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can download them for free and pro version with more professional features. It will be helpful to compress any kind of videos with any format and make a new video with less a size.

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If you have a Smartphone with 4K video support than this software would be definite choice. To make your 4K videos social share ready, download them now. And let me know which one you liked most compressing your videos and also comment in the comment box if you know any better video compressor.

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