Top 5 Best Selfie Smartphones

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Selfies have become a trend now-a-day, taken at beautiful places, parties, sport events or at any other occasions  and even when you feel bored at home.And selfies didn’t just stop there, selfies have been noted to be taken from space where astronauts take selfies roving around space.With selfies merging to be a new topic where people and even celebrities have been posting selfies on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and many other social media sites.

Now we have to take a note that for taking a good selfie you will need a device to take it.Where our topic begins as many of the selfies taken with smartphones.And keeping that in mind mobile companies has been manufacture more and more smartphone with better front cameras.

So, today we are going to talk about few of the best selfie smartphones that you can buy if you want to join the trend of taking selfies now and then.

Smartphones With Best Selfie Camera



#5 HTC Desire 826


This is the first budget phone which allows a sturdy photo clicking experience both on it’s front and rear camera.Taking the front camera on focus, the front camera of HTC Desire 826 may not have a high megapixel camera(4MP) but HTC has claimed that the front camera is a special feature on this device which can absorb 300% increased light which improves image quality even when taken in artificial or low light environment.

So the next time you want to take a selfie in a pub or any restaurant, you don’t have to worry about low light problems with the front cam.

Also the front cam features f/2.0 of 27mm with 1/2′ sensor size and 2µm pixel size. You can also record upto [email protected] on HDR-HK mode.

#4 Sony Xperia C4



From the successor of c3 comes the new Sony Xperia C4 which sony claims to be one of their best Selfie smartphones. The front camera is equipt with a 5Mp Sony Steady Shot Technology (OIS) which let’s you take the best selfies even in medium lighting or low lightning environment which with some of the in-built Sony camera app makes your selfies even better. Sony’s enhances your selfie experience with keeping your all natural looks and even with the laugh AR mask feature which combines feature of two different portraits.

Also the front camera comes with Steady HDR mode with Autofocus mode that help to make your selfies to be one of a kind if you want to share it on any social media network.

The front camera specification comes with 5MP with f/2.2 which records at 720p and even a led flash for selfies.

#3 Samsung Galaxy E7


With simple design and looking similar to Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 comes the Galaxy E7 with over-all average performance. This device has a decent looking 5MP front facing camera that allows 120 degree of selfie angle and that too with the help voice command and gesture to click photos which makes taking selfies more interesting.

This device has a 5MP front facing camera with f/2.1 of 27mm with autofocus and an led flash for best selfies even in low light conditions. The front camera also allows you to record videos on full HD i.e [email protected]

#2 HTC Desire Eye


Coming to the top no2 is the HTC desire Eye which is definitely something to look forward to as it comes with a massive eye throbbing 13MP of camera on both rear and the front. Not only that, the front camera is also equipt with led flash and HDR mode also with an auto focus feature.Being a 13 MP front camera it has a very wide angle is both best for individual and group selfie.

More over that both the led flash is enhanced with dual L.E.D flash and HTC’s own BIS sensor which helps you to adjust the light according to the environment  for the best selfies possible.

It also comes with an unique feature that is called the eye which when activated allows you to take a selfie by simply raising the device, also which comes with a face recognition and also with a screen share video calls which enhances your front camera experience to a whole new level.

#1 Sony Xperia C3


As we talked before about the C3 successor C4 which took the 4th place in this list. Now we are going to talk about C3 which is quite old but is indeed one of the best selfie smartphones out there. C3 comes with a 5MP front camera which is equipt with Exmor camera lens which can capture amazing photographs.

Also with a 25mm wide angle lens(80 degree) now you have to stop worrying about missing someone in your group photo which in terms makes the photo more spacious.To talk more about the front camera which also has an Unique Soft Led Flash which amplifies the photo taken in normal or even in low lighting.


So, these were the list of the top 5 best selfie smartphones that you can get if you are into taking selfies. Now enjoy taking selfies with your friend and family Or even if you are alone or out on a run whenever and wherever you want.

Hope you liked this article, if you did please share it amongst your friends and family members who enjoy taking selfies. Share this post and leave a comment below if you got any enquires. Thank you for reading & Enjoy.

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