Best RTS Games For Android

Best RTS Games For Android
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Curious about the best RTS game for android ? Real Time Strategy games can be a real fun. As with RTS gaming on PC like Age of Empires, RIse of Antions, Starcraft and many other, we do want to play a few on our android device may be on the move or while we are out without our lapttop/pc.So today I have compiled a list of few RTS games for you to play on your android device.

Now, please remember before you read ahead don’t go crazy and start yelling about why you didn’t include that game. Please do research and see for real whether it a RTS( Real Time Strategy) game or not.Hope you enjoy this list of the game, lets go ahead and get started.

(Please Note: I haven’t listed these RTS games on the basis of their popularity or number of people playing them. I have just list it randomly, so enjoy)

Best RTS Games For Android

Starfront : Collision

Starfront collision has got up to the top alot of times when it comes to listing the top Real Time Strategy games all over the world, and it is not at all hard to see why so. Even after being an old race horse in the track, Starfront has always retained it’s foothold through it’s loving and many loyal and fans who enjoy this Real Time Strategy game in 2 different mode: i) Solo campaign ii) 4-players multiplayer.

With superior controls and interface this games never feels to be overwhelming and cluttered.Fans who want to enjoy some Real Time Strategy games can both enjoy the solo & multiplayer gaming through the game has around 20missions. And human, alien, sentient robots to choose from as your race,making is one of the RTS games.


Anomaly Korea

An Award winning game from pocket gamers, Anomaly Korea won Gold medal being the best Real Time Strategy games out there.It is the most acclaimed Real Time Strategy.Anomaly Korea is for people who thinks of the sci-fi of title as a tower “offensive” , rather than just any traditional TD title and much more.

Anomaly Korea can be a have and must play game for any RTS fan who can appreciate great voice and sounds design in RTS games. It has both a awesome soundtrack and superb voice over work.


Plague Inc.

A multiple award winning game, it is a Real Time Strategy game that basically simulates the new release of the deadly, world wide spread chaos.You can have a lot of updates  and expansion which makes this game feel like a very premium game.

Plague Inc. is a gameplay for all RTS players who is feel excited by  stuff dealing with science, microbiology, virus spread. The maker of this were initally actually invited towards speaking at the CDC and alot of the different models of different featured in game for gameplay.



Placing is as a “meditative space time strategy game”, Rymdkapsel doesn’t look anything like any other game in the list of Real Time Strategy titles. In the retro inspiring title, you can take advantage of the empty  space station and then start taking on different territory.

This Real Time Strategy game is really worth a check if you are into retro style of type of gaming and have a softpart for retro-style gaming and if you are tired of all the automated games.


Autumn Dynasty

Autumn Dynasty is one of the must have games. In this game you have to order different troops around an critical gameplay in ancient china. This type of Real Time Strategy games has really awesome control system and most amazing part is that players can draw down unique interface to lead their players directly into the gameplay.

So, if you are into ancient history type Real Time Strategy games then this game is definitely for you who also love to dash in the  history or looking for a game with distinct and awesome art style.


So, these were the list of the best Real Time Strategy games available for android, now go on emerge yourself to this real life time games and enjoy the trill and action and let’s see who’s the last man standing.Hope you enjoyed this article, and if you did please share and leave a comment below.Thank you.

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