Best Medical Apps For Android

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Now a days health has become one of the major issue that has been consider to be life threatening more than any other death causes all over the world.’Health’ when compared a decade back wasn’t a big issue like the one we have to face today.There are a lot of factors that effect our health all over in our daily life.One of the major cause is our carelessness.Also with day-to-day changing lifestyle and environmental conditions can lead to poor health.

Factors Affecting Our Health

Our lifestyle is one of the major cause for our degrading health, people consume too much alcohol, smoking at a high rate, going for fast foods/junk foods ignoring all the fruits and vegetable they need and not doing enough exercise according to the body’s need is leading to obesity and many other fatal diseases which is eating your body from the inside and outside.

Believe it or not, the amount of fresh drinkable water available to people all over the world is only 1 out of five.We are loosing a lot of our fresh water reserves into seas and oceans which is caused by global warming.And with fresh water getting out of hand, many of us end up drinking foul water and falling sick.

Steps Taken In Daily Life To Overcome Daily Health Issues


With the increasing health problems, doctors and scientists are also trying to come up with solutions to our daily life health problem solving strategies to help us get through a variety of daily life threatening issues.Now days you can even find help right on your phone through dialing to a specific emergency numbers that have been specified  for your state & county.

And to make things more easier, students and healthcare professionals are also coming in with a variety of devices to help you to keep a track of your daily issues and their solution.One of the most revolutionary tech are just simple apps that can help you keep a track of your health throughout your whole day.

The market of android is one of the most health and fitness apps generating platforms that will help you with a variety of health related issues right fro your fitness to any kind of serious disease or even accidental causes.

So, today we are going to talk about few of the Best Medical Apps For Android that can help you with your daily health issues and also to help you with giving you the best possible ways to have a healthy life.

Few Of The Best Medical Apps For Android

#1. Medscape


Medscape is the number one downloaded app for any medical related issues for your daily life.It was just released recently and within a short period of time this app has caught the eyes and the markets of many leading medical researchers and people.

With over 2,500+ clinical images with proper video procedures, 3,500+ disease clinical reference, 7,000+ drug reference and a wide variety of CME activities, interaction drug tool checker and much more.And that too which is increasing in numbers with every update of the app, which can create a security sense for anyone  using the app.

Medscape is one of the best medical apps for android, and with a variety of mini textbook with various protocols for disease pathologist, where you can easily find a reference to any related issues that you are facing or can be a  great for a refreshing medical knowledge and is considered amongst one of the best medical apps for android.

#2. Epocrates


Used and preferred for many as a drug reference.It has a very useful and user friendly interface that allows you to go through a variety of options like drug interaction checker, pill identifying , various medical calculator and much more that can help you in your daily life making this app to be one of the best user app amongst students and clinicians.

And a recent update allows you to get a new premium versions that has a wide variety of uses for severe accidents and medical attention in case of emergency times.

#3. Skyscape


In the recent update, skyscape has achieved high ratings amongst it’s users have a wide variety of usage for medical and research purposes.This is one of a type app that also has a high quality images to allow you to go through the contents easily.

Skyscape as it has been noted to be mostly used by professionals and understudy students who use the builtin medical calculator, also a daily update of a variety of different textbook and guidelines of the medical purposes along with step by step method has enabled the users to have a user friendly interface.

For any android users who use a older version of Skyscape can access many features that include RxDrugs which is fairly important amongst many people.

#4. Evernote


Considered as one of the Best Medical Apps For Android by many users, as it provides the user with a variety of quality PDF files which is not available amongst many Best Medical Apps For Android.Evernote is the best paid app for medical usage that has a variety of tools such as notes & image capture that allows in recording atypical disease based pathology which you encountered when practicing own reference and  even to use it as a presentation for future use.With a variety of new apps to choose from, you can blindly choose this app if you are more concerned with a professional healthcare streamline pdf collection and also for capturing atypical pathology for educational purposes.


#5. Calculate


With it’s smoother user interface and appealing design by QxMD, Calculate has reached at our top 7 list of Best Medical Apps For Android.It is a basic app that are used by students and generalists for their wide variety of medical calculators to satisfy any need of medical calculator.

The calculators are equipped with a variety of random questions for the user that helps the app to study value based on score of interest amongst it’s users which in turn allows the app to evolve with every new medical calculation.

The atypical calculator being a little slow on the base allows you to calculate a variety of processes with enhanced learning.

Also with a “More Information” tab created by Developers,especially for  people who want  any reference on medical literatures are greatly benefited.

#6. MedPage Today


With a variety of apps nowadays, comes a ton load of subscription messages that are left unread in the your inbox and email.Medpage is a simple app that allows you to stay connected with the partnered information provider of Medpage Today namely the University of Pennsylvania A School of Medicine.

This also creates a feeling of legitimacy amongst many users who own a premium version of the app and want to go for the latest news in the world of medical research.Making MedPage Today to our list of top 7 best medical apps for android.

You can also specify the topics of interest and preference that you want to receive the news and messages about.You can access it in the “My News” tab of the app screen.The selected categories are shown with a simple, clean, fast and free news updates with texts and audio files.

(NOTE: This app is only available for android users with OS 1.5 or later and for 1.5 or lower users you can go for Medical News app that works similar to this app)

#7. Harvard School of Public Health


Harvard has come up with this new app and even being not the first app to be launched by a medical school.But this app has push it’s limit to a point where it has been listed as one of the best medical apps for android in our list.With a solid functionality, user friend interface and outstanding peers for simplicity has delivered an amazing app.

They have customized the app with their own website with video and audio content, for example if you go into the app and select a topic to learn or have a discussion about, you would be forwarded to their official website.Which would be really great if the app was interlinked with the website which would create a fast and easy access to the topic directly.

With a variety of topics to choose from, a recent audio podcast for people keen to study about researches on comparative effectiveness by Dr.Milton Weinstein.Along with a notification system that will notify you about any new audio or video content with interactive conversation and dynamic about the apps contents.

So, these were a list of the Best Medical Apps For Android which you can use in your daily life incase you want to learn a few things about your medicines and also to be used incase of an emergency.

This app can also be used by professionals and students to help them with a variety of calculators like Archimedes etc that can help them study more of about their studies involved in their trainings purposes.

Hope you liked this few Best Medical Apps For Android, and if you did then please leave a comment below and also share it with your friends and family members to keep them safe and have a helping guide when facing a medical emergency.

Thank You For Reading

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