Top 5 Best Free Video Streaming Sites

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Watching online videos is in great trend these days.  Most of us stream and watch online videos to get many things done. For get solution of many problems like how to make android smartphone faster, you can watch the tutorial for same on video streaming sites.

Best Free Video Streaming Sites


If you have missed the last episode of your favorite show, no need to worry, Video streaming sites are here to rescue. In mean time, you can also watch funny videos, online movies, TV shows and much more. Online video streaming has become one of the popular web activities now a days.

List Of Top 5 Best Free Video Streaming Sites

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site available on the web. It is owned by Google since 2006. You can upload, watch and share the videos. Technology used on this site are Adobe Flash and HTML 5. There are thousand of videos available for each category on YouTube. All of the videos on YouTube are submitted by many users around the web. YouTube also offers high quality videos in 16 : 9 aspect ratio.

It also offers some 3D videos to watch. There are many organization operating there channel on YouTube. For getting update, you can subscribe to their channel. If you wants to stream online videos, YouTube is the first and best option.

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2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great free video sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos. This video sharing website is online since 2004. 50 percent of traffic to Vimeo comes from mobile.  It supports High Definition playback of 1280×720 (720p). All uploaded videos automatically get converted to 720/30p video. You can upload 500MB of video per week, if you are a basic user. Interface of Vimeo is simple and it support 1GB video uploads for premium accounts.

3. Metacafe

Metacafe is another a great free video streaming site. There are several types of videos available here like movie clips, DIY hacks, science experiments, video games, sports and TV. You can also make money on Metacafe with their page view money earning system. Metacafe had been already acquired by digital talent agency.

You can also download the videos from a link under the video. There is also an option for embedding it.

4. Hulu

Hulu is an excellent video streaming website for watching TV shows, movies and much more. Hulu offers video services to only USA and Japan. It uses Adobe Flash technology for playing videos in 288p, 360p and 480p  format. Some of the videos also support 720p or 1080p HD. Some of the TV shows are watchable after upgrade to paid version. You can watch some popular movies including Spy Game, Liar Liar, Ghostbusters and Men in Black.

For downloading the particular video, you have to purchase it first. Videos are ad-supported. It means you will see some ads while watching videos. These videos can not be embedded to any blog or website.

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5. Veoh

Veoh is another Free video streaming site specially made for watching TV shows. Popular TV shows like Friends, According to Jim and CSI can be watched here. User submitted content like animations, home videos, and funny clips are a part of their content. It streams videos in high-resolution and videos can be download and saved.


Although there are many other website which can also provide video streaming service. But above lost contains Best Video Streaming Sites. If you want to watch online videos , YouTube will be your first priority.

If you know about any other great site for video streaming, let me know that in comment section.

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  1. Great list Rahul. I hadn’t heard of Veoh before. We have a friend who does not have a TV and only watches television shows and movies online. I recently recommended Hulu to him. I’ll have to tell him about Veoh too. Thanks!

    • Yes Sherryl, Veoh is a great site to watch online videos. Nice to see that you find this article useful. Thanks for commenting, keep visiting.

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