Best Free Public DNS Servers

Today I am going to talk about Top 5 Best Free Public DNS Servers To Use. If you are interested in computer related matters, you probably know about term DNS. DNS is a short form of Domain Name Server or Service. Domain Name Server is a major part of whole Internet architecture.

Top 5 Best Free Public DNS Servers To UseTop 5 Best Free Public DNS Servers To Use

Mainly DNS Server is of two types: 

  1. Authoritative DNS Server 
  2. Recursive DNS Server.

For this article, we will concentrate on recursive DNS server. First, I will tell you What is DNS? We all browse many websites on daily basis. Every website holds a unique IP address. For opening a website, you should know about the domain name of the website. The main function of DNS (Recursive DNS) is to translate the domain name into its IP address. If there will be no DNS server, we have to type the IP address of every website in URL. 

So DNS is an important part of the internet. If it goes down, you will be unable to browse the internet. For example; When we type in URL, it translates this host-name or domain name into IP address

When we connect to the internet, our ISP automatically assigns primary and secondary DNS server addresses to the computer. Most of the time these recursive DNS server is held by ISP. But do you know, ISP’s recursive DNS server is poorly optimized to take the load at peak time? 

Means they are not capable of handling huge traffic, because of poor optimization. Also, these are vulnerable to attacks. But there are some great public DNS servers available, which are capable of handling huge traffic. Also, they are very secure and deliver fast internet every time.

One of a big problem with ISP DNS is that if it goes down, you will unable to browse the web. But in a case of these 3rd party public DNS servers, their servers are distributed worldwide. If one server near you goes down, another server near you will be ready to serve you.

List of Top 5 Best Free Public DNS Servers

  1. 1 OpenDNS

    OpenDNS is the first place of the list of best free public DNS servers. OpenDNS is the best 3rd party public DNS server. 

    It provides awesome features. It also provides service to protect from harmful websites at DNS level. 

    You will have a faster and more reliable Internet with OpenDNS. 

    It also provides parental control and you can block websites according to a category. 

    OpenDNS automatically blocks identity theft and phishing websites. 

    According to stats, OpenDNS serves 50 million active users daily in more than 160 countries with its world’s largest security network. 

    It uses anycast routing, which ensures that your DNS query will be automatically redirected to the nearest server if one goes down.

    It will ensure no downtime of your internet. Your internet service will be at its best all the time with OpenDNS. 

    Their server addresses is and

  2. 2 Google Public DNS

    As the name suggest, this Google Pubic DNS is held the Tech giant Google. 

    Google Public DNS provides faster and safer internet all the time. This DNS service works according to DNS standard means no redirection. 

    It is World’s largest DNS Service. Google said their server handles more than 130 Billion request on an average day. 

    Google Public DNS server is available at IP addresses and 

    Google always wants to speed up the web, so they started this service in 2009 for faster browsing.

  3. 3 Comodo Secure DNS

    Comodo is a popular internet security vendor. They also operate Comodo Secure DNS service. 

    It provides you with smarter, faster and secure internet. They operate servers at 15 locations and five continents around the world. 

    They use anycast routing, with this no matter where is your location, you will be served by nearest server around you, so faster browsing. 

    No redirection with this DNS. As they are well-known security vendor, they are aware of latest web threats. 

    They provide web security at DNS level and block  various harmful (malware, virus, phishing and more) websites. 

    For this, they maintain a real-time block list. Its servers are available at and

  4. 4 DNS Advantage

    DNS Advantage operates one the best public DNS servers, which is held by Neustar. DNS Advantage servers are optimized to give full speed to the user. 

    Also, they provide better security at DNS level, but no filtering like OpenDNS. Their servers are free to use at and 156.154. 71.1.

  5. 5 Norton DNS

    Norton DNS is operated by Symantec, the leader in computer security. 

    Their DNS service will speed up the browsing experience. Also, they provide great web security at DNS level.

    It automatically blocks known unsafe, fraudulent, phishing and infected Web site which can cause harm to your devices. 

    It also blocks unwanted content, which is not suitable for children. Norton DNS server addresses are and


So these are the best public DNS servers, which is recommended you should choose one and use. These all public DNS server are made for us to browse the web faster, safely and with no downtime.

It is recommended to test all these servers with your connection, to ensure which one works best for you.

TIP: You can configure these servers address on your router if you use many devices. Otherwise on PC.


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