Best Free Email Services

There are many free email services to use. But before choosing an email service, How you will determine its effectiveness. An email service should possess feature like fast speed, secure, unlimited storage, apps on mobile for every platform, User friendly interface and much more.

Do you consider all above email features while choosing any free email service? You should take these email features in to consideration, while going for an email service. This post will help you to choose best free email service to use. You don’t need to do time-consuming research for it because we are providing you with Top Best Free Email Services To Use.

Top Best Free Email Services To Use

  1. 1 Gmail

    Most of us already known to Gmail. Gmail is the free and best email service from Google. It has become like standard for any free email service. 

    It provides practically unlimited 15GB of storage with great security features. Google docs is now integrated with Google Drive. 

    It support various languages from Arabic to Vietnamese. Gmail is known for its best security. It includes spam, virus and phishing protection.

     It use HTTPS to keep  your precious data safe by encrypting it. Also you can use Gmail from any mobile device and app for Gmail is also available for iOS and android. POP and IMAP both are supported by Gmail.

  2. 2 Outlook

    Outlook is the new email service by Microsoft. Hotmail has been rebrand as Outlook and with some really great features. 

    Its user interface is inspired by Windows 8 metro UI and very clean. Like Gmail, it provide better security and practically unlimited storage. 

    POP and Exchange ActiveSync in email programs on desktop and mobile device are supported. Support for IMAP will be given in future, said by Microsoft. Outlook provides great integration for your social profiles.

  3. 3 Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo Mail is another free email service form Google. As the name suggest, this email service is developed by Yahoo. 

    It provides high security and a intuitive interface with unlimited storage about 1000GB. 

    All the email both incoming and outgoing are scanned by Norton Antivirus. SMS texting, social networking and instant messaging are some other key features of this email. Its anti-spam features is best in class and catches evey unwanted email.

  4. 4 iCloud mail

    iCloud is the free email service from tech giant Apple. Like every product from Apple, its email service also provides a great beautiful user interface. 

    It provides enough amount of storage with IMAP access. This email service lacks POP access. Some of the productivity features like labels is missing.

  5. 5 Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail is a great free email service and professionally build. It provides a large amount of storage with both POP and IMAP access. It is one of the best free email service you can try. 

    You can organize and operate this email service without any hassle. Instant messaging and online office suites are some of the impressive features of this email.

  6. 6 AOL Mail

    AOL Mail is the free web-based email from AOL (America Online). It provides some decent features like unlimited online storage, great spam protection and intuitive UI. 

    It’s great to have both POP and IMAP support in this email but lacks some productivity features.

  7. 7 is another great contender in free email service arena. It hosts some great features like great security from viruses & spam, unlimited online storage, mobile apps and rich UI. POP and IMAP support can be purchased as add ons.

  8. 8 provides 5GB of online storage. But despite this, it come with a feature rich, fast and shiny interface. 

    POP is supported but no support for IMAP in Features like fast search and free-form labels are here.

  9. 9 GMX

    GMX is the email service provide by Global Mail exchange, in Germany. GMX come with great Facebook integration and contact-export options. 

    With 5GB of online storage, it provides better security and privacy. You don’t need to worry about privacy, if you are with GMX.

  10. 10 Hushmail

    Hushmail is more in security area rather than other email features. With this, you can create blacklist and white list. POP is supported by this email provider. 

    It provides virus scanning and anti-spam with some basic email features.


So above is the list of Top 10 Best free email services to use, if you are going confused while choosing any email service, This list for you. Probably Gmail is the best among these for free email service.


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