Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android
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Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android. If you own an android smartphone then security of that smartphone and its data should be your prime concern. In these modern days, our smartphone contains important data like emails, documents, personal photos and much more. If you are unaware about security of data in android smartphone then its time to take android security seriously.

Use android smartphone are increasing day by day and also the malicious attacks on it. If you don not take care of your smartphone, it can be stolen easily. Imagine a situation, your high-priced android smartphone got stolen. What can you do to get the smartphone back? Nothing. But there are many great free antivirus security apps which can easily track your stolen smartphone and also protect the phone from various types of malware. This article is all about top 6 best free antivirus security apps for android.

List Of Top 6 Best Free Antivirus Security Apps For Android

1. Avast Mobile Security – Best Free Antivirus For Android



Avast Mobile Security is best and fully fledged android mobile security. For protecting your android device from malicious attacks and for locating stolen or lost device, no one can beat Avast. It boast many feature which even paid android AVs lacks. Its features includes antivirus protection, track lost or stolen device, web security, filter incoming call and sms, track data usage, firewall (requires root) and much more.

After installing it, displays icon of avast in status bar. For tracking your stolen or lost phone, you can use web-based control, which is too awesome.

2. AVG Antivirus


Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

Most of you already know about AVG, because it also provide a great free antivirus for Windows PC. When it comes to android, it is an expert. Like Avast, AVG also provides malware protection, web shield, task killer, real-time scanner, backup assistant and anti-theft. It also provides performance  and privacy features.

It anti-theft feature include Phone Locator, Phone Locke and Remote Wipe. Call & Text Message Blocker is also include in this.

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3. CM Security AppLock & Antivirus


Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android
Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

CM Security AppLock & AntiVirus is another great mobile security from Cheetah Mobile. Like other mobile security apps, it come with an antivirus engine, anti-theft, app & system scanner, call blocking, safe browsing, real-time scanning and much more. One of the best feature it is App Lock. With it, you can lock apps, lock settings and privacy. AV-TEST rank it #1 for the 6th time!

4. Avira Antivirus Security


Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

Avira Antivirus is a mobile security from Germany. It is one of the best and lightest AV for android. It boasts with features like malware protection, anti-theft, data protection, blacklist unwanted contacts, minimum battery consumption etc. It automatically scan new apps for malware. Remote wipe and  lock are also present here.

5. 360 Security – Antivirus FREE


Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

360 Security mobile security app is made by Qihoo 360 in china. Like CM security this app is ranked #1 for 6th time by AV-TEST. It key features includes phone cleaner, Memory Booster, Antivirus, App manager, Call & SMS Blocker, Anti-Theft and much more. If you have recently purchased a new android smartphone, you can try this AV.

6. Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus


Top 6 Best Free AntiVirus Security Apps For Android

Although Lookout come with a premium version but its free version is enough for protecting your android smartphone. Free version of Lookout provides security scanning for malwares, anti-theft (Find my phone) and backup & download.

Conclusion: Is Your Android Device Secured?

If you do not have any mobile security app installed in your smartphone then above are the top 6 best free antivirus security app for your android smartphone. Do not install more than one security app in a mobile. Install one security app and enjoy your secured android device.