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Are you searching for the Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android?Ads! They have been making our lives quite similar to hell. Wouldn’t you agree? They keep popping up at the most awkward times. It doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone or a laptop/desktop. These ads are bound to pop up and be a nuisance for you. So what’s the solution for getting rid of these? Basically, there is no way of getting rid of these permanently but there is a way by following which you can keep them at bay. You sure would be quite interested to know about that.

Best Ad Blocker for Android

The only way of keeping these at arms-length is Ad Blockers Apps. These are the only ways to keep these annoying ads away. It is recommended that you go with the Apps that have been mentioned here. Well yes, we have provided a list of Ad Blocker Apps in this content down below. You should check out this list and start using one of these on your PC. We are quite sure that these will solve your Ad problem.

Top Ad Blocker apps for Android:

Basically, there is a bunch of such kind of apps out there. The primary functions of these apps are quite the same. But there are some other functions which make it quite difficult to differentiate between these. We have made it quite easy for you by providing a brief description of each of these apps.

(Note: Some Apps are not available on Google Play Store and you need to enable Unknown Source before installing them.)

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AdBlock Plus:

It would be a sin if the legendary AdBlock Plus is not placed at the top. Well, it’s quite safe to say that this app is the best when it comes to blocking annoying ads. What I am trying to say here is that this is the best Ad blocker App for Android. Other Ad Block Apps might be good but they won’t be as good as AdBlock Plus. Just click on the link provided above, follow the instructions and download the app on your device or system. You will be glad that you downloaded this. If you want you can add the plugin of this app to your Chrome or Firefox Browser.

block ads android


Suppose that you are in need of an app that has a clean interface then this is for you. The Green-White user interface of this app puts it among the top ad blocker Apps. Apart from that, using this app is quite easy too as all you need to do is tap on the green power button on the app. That’s it. Basically, you don’t have to do anything. This app also provides protection against malware and it can increase the browsing speed. This includes a firewall and also it has the capacity to kill all mobile gaming ads. Quite different, Right? This app is not available on Google Play Store But you can download this from the provided link.



Basically, this app provides you the basic kind of protection just like the other apps. So what is that makes this app special? There are some ads that are quite hard to kill but those won’t stand a chance against this app. This is an open source app and techies will quite love this app. But one big problem is that you need to have root access to use this app. Well, people will root access can rejoice and other need to shift their focus elsewhere. Just click on the provided link and download through F-Droid. You would love it after using it for a few hours.

AppBrain Ad Detector:

The good news is that it is available on Google Play Store. And if you were for bad news then there isn’t one. Well, just like any other similar kind of app this can block ads. It can even block spam ads as well as push notifications. The function that makes it one of the best ad blocker App is the Concern Tab. Well, this tab basically shows you whether any concern is headed your way or not. Apart from these, there are some other features of this app too like the private eye. I would suggest that you take this app for a spin and see whether its suits your need or not.

AppBrain Ad Detector

AdBlock Browser:

When do you encounter an ad? Mostly when you are browsing, right? What if your browser is an ad blocker itself? That would be great, right?? Well, AdBlock browser for Android is a browser that doesn’t need any ad blocker plugin to block ads. You don’t need to have any ad blocker apps on your phone or system too. This app is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. Apart from blocking ads, it has many other functions too like social media buttons, malware domains, Anti-Ad blocking messages, etc. Just visit Google Play Store and start using it and you will know about all its features quite easily.

adblock browser

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Free AdBlocker Browser:

If you are interested in a browser that is somewhat a bit graphical this is what you need. Free AdBlocker is one of the best ad blocker browsers for Android. All ads that tend to pop up on this site are immediately destroyed. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. Apart from these features, there are some remarkable features too that helps you in browsing the web with ease. It is one of the highly recommended browsers by us. Just download and you will know that this is one among the top adblocker browsers.


Well, these are some of the best ad blockers apps for Android. Though some of these are browsers, these will do the trick too. You will come across lots of Ad blocker Apps on Google Play Store but we will advise against using those apps. One of the apps mentioned on this list will quench your thirst in getting rid of the annoying pop-up ads. So do check out these apps and make yourself and your smartphone/system free of these ads. Hope this information serves your purpose.

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