Benefits Of Using Gorilla Glass On Mobile Phone

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Benefits Of Using Gorilla Glass On Mobile Phone: First of all before we discuss the benefits of using gorilla glass on mobile phone we need to know alittle about What the Gorilla Glass Is Actually/What Makes This Glass Different From Other Glasses ? So let us first discuss what Gorilla Glass is Actually and what makes Gorilla Glass so special.

What is a gorilla glass ?

A gorilla is a self icon by Corning who manufactures unbelievable scratch and pressure resistant glasses which is now at their 4th edition of super durable yet high precision glasses.

What makes Gorilla Glass so durable ? 

It involves incredible temperatures, a special trough, robots and a molten salt bath. The finished product is a thin piece of glass that can withstand a lot of punishment.


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* Benefits Of Gorilla Glass *

Damage Resistance : As the glass is internally made strong through a variety of chemical process called ion-exchange process that helps to created in depth layers by compressing different layers of gorilla glasses composition layers. The special layer act as an armor to greatly reduce the damage imposed on the glass.

Thinly Made Formation : As this glass is basically made on a range of thickness from 0.5 mm to 2mm, at even 0.4 mm this Glass maintains it’s great quality to endure heavy damages. Depending on the application and manufacturers specifications the toughness may vary with thickness.

Unparalleled Surface Quality : Corning’s had his own idea of making the glass of the most durable and at the same time for other high end devices.It has extra ordinary precision, the amazing strenght and smooth and flat surface with un comparable clarity even with all the layers.

Compliance With Environmental Standards: Compliance with the Restriction of hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)

Easily Compatible with touch screen : This simple yet strong Glass is the best for devices with touch pads and even durable and strong enough against alot of pressure and even heavy impacts.Also exceptionally thin enough for high sensitivity and response.

Easy-To-Clean & Wear-Resistant Coating: Customers can request for Gorilla Glass with a special coating which helps it to make it easier to clean compared to other cover glasses which is perfect for touch devices.

So,now you know the benefits of the gorilla glass and also why they are so tough to handle even the hardest impact and even being thin enough to be used in most display devices.Hope you liked this article and found it useful, if you did then please share and leave a comment below.

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