Advantages Of Windows Phone Over Android

If you are using a smartphone then this article is must read for you. These days most of smartphone OS market share is occupied by Android and iOS. Specially Android usage is growing at a fast rate.

Do you know Windows Phone by Microsoft is very underestimated by most of smartphone owners. Many doesn’t even take it in consideration while buying any smartphone. 

Most of people are unaware of the advantages of windows phone over android. Windows Phone can easily beat an android device in many areas.

Here are the advantages of Windows Phone Over Android which are listed below.

Advantages Of Windows Phone Over Android Phone

  1. 1 Great Looks

    Looks of any smartphone is an important factor when purchasing any smartphone. Windows Phones are beautiful from all angles, whether its a high end or entry level windows phone. 

    Nokia Lumia 520 is cheapest windows phone available n market which looks better than any other high end android smartphone. 

    Back cover of these Lumia phones can easily be swapped and replaced with new one like yellow, blue, white and red.

    The interface of Windows Phone is simple and clutter free. Live tiles on home screen make it look more attractive. 

    These phone are best among any beautiful designed smartphone.

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  2. 2 Simplicity With Ease

    Window Phone OS is very simple and easy to use when compared to android. You can configure the start screen of phone with many tile as you want and with some customization. 

    Adjustment of tile size can easily be made. If you want live updates about Facebook posts, breaking news, tweets and more, you can pin that in tiles for this. 

    For browsing apps on phone you just need to swipe the start screen.

  3. 3 Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office is fully integrated in all windows phone. You can view, create and edit any Excel, Word and PowerPoint file. Android phone does not get full support for Microsoft Office. 

    Office is fully integrated with Skydrive so that you can store your files in cloud.

  4. 4 Social Integration

    You don’t have to install dedicated app from every social network like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

    Windows Phone integrates with these social networks. You can post or view updates from any of these social networks.

  5. 5 Kids Corner

    Kids always get their hand on every phone. But it is not a wise idea to give full authority to kids to access anything on Phone. 

    Window Phone come with Kids Corner which is specially made for kids. 

    You can allow them to access app and features which suits them. This can only be done in Kids Corner.

  6. 6 Better Security

    Security of any smartphone is a vital element to give attention. Windows OS Phone comes with better security out of the box. 

    Its security feature include app sandboxing, remote wiping, secure boot, and BitLocker encryption which encrypts all the data on the device. 

    This OS also secures the data sync with SSL 3.0. It can be used in enterprise and government area without any worry.

  7. 7 Fluid Performance

    Smartphone running Windows OS always runs faster no matter whats the specifications of hardware. 

    Whether its high end Lumia 920 or entry level Lumia 520 both runs the OS with ease. You will notice any lag while performing basic to some above level operations.

  8. 8 Miscellaneous

    • Microsoft’s service like Skydrive,, Xbox Music, OneNote, Skype and more fully integrates with it
    • Groups and Rooms
    • Unified Messaging


So these are advantages of Windows phone over Android. If you are planning to purchase any smartphone these days, It is highly recommended to consider these unique feature of Windows OS while purchasing. 

You will not get disappointed with any smartphone running Windows OS.


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