How to Access Free Netflix Account For Android Device

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Movies are something which we all love to watch. Especially then when we are really stuck somewhere without any purpose. Instead of fooling around it is pretty obvious to find something engaging for ourselves too. Well, the users of Android, you do not have to cry your heart out and bother yourself much regarding the boredom you are facing. You can now easily have the access to watch movies using Netflix, that too free, free and free. Well, you are right that Netflix does not encourage free guests except that one month free trial period. Guess what this is the boon effect for the question – How to Access Free Netflix Account from Android.


Before answering the above-raised question it is important for you to have a brief clear idea regarding this amazing movie app. Netflix has opened up the gate for watching movies absolutely online. This incorporates huge updated collection with great print quality. The best part being except that minimum monthly subscription charge you get to watch any of your favorite pickups absolutely free. Also, unlike other online movie streaming sites, Netflix facilitates you with TV series and video clips of a different genre, region, language and what not. So, relishing all of the above surely is not enough within a month’s free trial package. This calls for the question on how to get an access for free Netflixing from Android.

How to Access Free Netflix Account from Android: The Steps to be Followed

You must know that shortcuts are always tricky to be used and applied. So, in a way, all the shortcuts are in actual longcuts. But, the tricky part of the shortcut applied here is proven and thus you can definitely use for enjoying the watch of world’s best movies absolutely free.

  • First of all, open the Netflix homepage on your browser.
  • There you will find an option saying one-month free trial option. Tap on that to continue.
  • Select any of the premium plans. Do not hesitate while selection because you are not going to spend a single penny. So, choose any from the list.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to enter the email id and password for accessing the Netflix account by making a registration.
  • The registration will further follow the addition of your billing details etc. Give all the required information and then tap into Start Membership.

So, you are now done with the free membership period of one month. Wait, I have more to add here. You must be wondering what will happen after the completion of one month period. Well, technically speaking, the billing address and details that you have given will be used by Netflix to cut the subscription charges after the completion of the time period of one month.

how can you get Netflix free account

So, you definitely have the option to cancel the membership period before that one month to save your wallet from the auto subscription charge. But, here too the question arises what is next to enjoy the continuous watch of those free movies and videos. Well, follow the steps below and unleash the exciting secret of using Netflix absolutely free and hassle-free too.

  • So, remember the last date of your free trial. Before that date arrives, apply for free So, for that go to the top right corner and select your Netflix account.
  • A drop-down box will appear. There you will find an option named Cancel Membership. Tap on it and you will be navigated to a next window.
  • There you will be shown some terms and conditions. Go through the details and down below you will again find an option saying Complete Cancellation. Tap on it.
  • So, you are now eligible to recreate an account on Netflix once again. Here you do not have to collect any extra billing information. That old one will help you out here too but in a tricky way of course.
  • Follow the registration process mentioned above and enter an email id that too of Gmail. If you do not have a one then quickly make one. You simply have to enter a special character in between.

This must then follow the proceeding details mentioned above. And, every time you may follow the same process and continue watching your favorite pickups from Netflix. So, here lies the answer to the query – How to Access Free Netflix Account form Android. Not necessary that this will be a lifelong method to be applied. For the time being this is the known shortcut used by many of those crazy Netflixers. With time, if the method fails, the tech crazies are there to find out some of the other ways for making your watch a great experience, both with quality and quantity. So, for now, be happy with the method put forward in this content.

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