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This page will tell you about Tech Vitality and its Founder.

What Tech Vitality is All About

Tech Vitality ( Techvy ) is a website focused on solving people’s How to problems and providing Best & Top List. In simple words, it will provide How to guides and Top List related to several categories. At starting, it will only focus on Tech category. Very soon it will cover more categories.

Why is Tech Vitality Born?

A popular saying ” Necessity is the mother of invention”. On daily basis, I Google Search for the solution of various How to problems. I am also fond of searching best lists and found very exciting to read those. In this process, a thought come to create a site related How to guides and Best list and Tech Vitality is born out of thinking. Also, more people wants to learn about these kinds of stuff.

Mind Behind Tech Vitality (The Founder)

Surendra Soni is the only founder of Tech Vitality. He is a Tech Geek and also WordPress & SEO enthusiast. He also created a blog based on latest WordPress updates, which is named Magnus7Lab. He mainly creates blogs & websites to solve people’s need. He is also fond of exploring new computer-based technologies.