Cutest Robot In The World

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In the world of advancing technology mixed with human emotions, it would really be a shame if we can’t create something that would  make our heart feel warm and make us smile.Even with all the fancy gadgets and hi-tech smart phones coming out daily in the market, it really can’t make us smile deep from our heart( No Offence ).

So today I am going to write about a tech that is really something different and exciting at the same time. more over that, I can put in the money to which ” It will make you smile from your heart”.

Because today we are going to talk about 5 Cutest Robot In The World. So let us not waste more time and get on to it.

( Note: I Won’t Rank Them On The Basis Of Their Hi-Tech or Advanced Processing System, But On What Will Make Your Heart Smile ^_^  )

5  Cutest Robot In The World




Meet Robi, a first look at him and you would ask yourself, Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen ??? Robi isn’t just a robot, it is companion robot designed by Japanese engineer Tomotaka Takahashi in 2012. Robi is equipped with voice recognition, and standing little then a foot tall (13 inches), he can speak, move, dance and even understand five different languages. Thanks to the motion sensors inside him, he can also detect movement and also can act as a cute little security guard .

And that’s not it, at The WorldPost Future of Work Conference in London in March, Takahashi announced that he’s already working on Robi’s next generation, which will be available in a year. Robi2.0 will be a pocket sized, Internet Connected companion similar to a Smart phone and hopefully will even be the greatest companion.



If you thought Robi was cute, come meet Nao. Created by Aldebaran, Nao is a 58cm tall humanoid robot. he’s  small, cute and round and all you can do is love him( and you can’t help it). Nao is designed to be a friendly companion around you, he moves, hears you, recognizes you and can even talk to you.

Born on 2006, he is constantly evolving to please , amuse, understand and love you. In short he is going to be your friend one day.



Say Hi to Aibo, if you are a dog loving person this cute little robot puppy is for you AND if you are not a dog loving person, still say Hi because this is something that can change your mind for getting it.Artificial Intelligence Robot ( Aibo ) was first announced prototype robot in the mid 1998 and the first consumer to be on May11,1999.

Aibo is an unique companion capable of expressing emotion and communicating with any other electronic devices at home and beyond. Having Aibo is like having a real dog(except all the cleaning issues :D). He will blend in with your life style and occasionally request you to tickle him under his chin or a stroke on his back.

Yume Neko


If you are asking yourself, “Is that a cat or a just a stuffed toy” ? Well you are close to both. Yume Neko by Sega Toys is a robotic animal interactivity cat robot for those who love having cats with them. her internal tactile sensors all throughout her body lets you interact with her and respond to your touch appropriately.

She responds to a touch just like a real cat, like when patted on her head, scratched, picked up and even if you pull her tail (Don’t try this with real cat if you don’t want to get  some scratches :P) will visualize lot of realistic cat reactions . And also don’t bother her too much or she will get angry and react with blinking, moving her legs, purring, moving her head and much more.



PaPeRo has been researched and developed with the intention of himself being a partner with human beings and its being able to live together with them.For this reason, he has various basic functions for the purpose of interacting with people.And here he introduces the essential elements and functions needed for that interaction.

He can Communicate through speech recognition and speech synthesis, recognize faces, react to touch.He also has autonomous behavior like Walking about(With obstacle avoidance), Self charge and even connect to internet to learn more pre-programs.

So, our journey for the search of the 5 cutest robots in the world ends here.Hope some of them has caught your eye and has made you wishing for one too, well you are in luck. All of this toys will be available in the market as we speak. So what are you waiting for ? Go and get yourself one. And if you like this article please share and comment below and let me know if you know any other robot’s what you think is cute and should be in list.

Thank you and Enjoy

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