10 ways to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10/8.1/8 Computers

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Internet has become one of the most basic needs in our daily life. Wether it is at home or at work or may be at shool or college, if everything is working well in terms of dowload speed and browsing speed then it’s all okay.But the problem arises when we stop getting what we pay for.Long wait for download to complete or uploading an important document and we end up getting disconnected in the half way or just when the download or upload is going to be over.

But as we paid for the desired internet speed and if we don’t get that speed that would really be a trouble.So today I am going to show you 10 easy ways to increase internet spedd on Windows

Ways To Increase Internet Speed On Your PC

1. Test your current internet speed

The first step you need to take before you take anystep to incease your internet speed is to check your existing internet speed and wether you are really getting what you are payin for. To do so you need to visit here http://www.speedtest.net/ . Just visit the website and click on Begin Test and you will be given your Download and upload speed details and you can compare that to what you pay for.


This may take some time but you will get the perfect result of the test on How much your are getting from your internet provider.

2.Cleanup Cache in your browser

The next thing you can do is to check and clear your browser cache data because no matter what browser you use all the information that is stored from every site you visit which is stored in the browser to help you load the specific site to load up faster. Initially it can be a good thing but as time passes by cache will be the first freason why your browser is running slow. So it is suggested to clean your browser cache to keep up with the internet speed. to clean up you cache simple open your browser and press “Ctrl+Shift+Del” buttons. Then you will be shown a new windows where you can clean the cache by clicking on “Clear Browser Data”

UntitledThis will also clear your saved password and browser history.

3.Run the antivirus regulary

Doing this is a must as an anti virus in your system will keep your computer free from virus and malware which may reduce your internet speed. Having an antivirus will help you detect those virus and malware and will take necessary steps to remove those harful viruses and malwares.

4.Change The Speed Of The Bandwidth

Now taking things alittle further , you can change the speed of the bandwidth at which your pc is running which will help you increase the internet speed.
Step 1
Open the “Local Group Ploicy Editor” by typing “gpedit.msc” in the Run Windows and then Hit Enter
Step 2
Now double click on “Network” which is under Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates


Step 3
From the list you will find “Qos packet Sceduler”, double click on it


Step 4
Double click on the “Limit reserve Bandwidth” and open the windows


In the Limit Reservable Bandwidth Window, you will be shown in default values. Now click on the “Enable” radio button.In the box beside “Bandwidth limit” default value will be 20% and bring it down to “0”. Click on “Apply” and “Ok” and everything is set now. It means that, your system reserves 20% of your bandwidth and we made it to zero.


All you need to do now is restart your Pc and you will be now using 100% of your bandwidth.

5. Turn your modem On & Off

After doing all this steps if your internet speed still doesn’t increase then you need to check out of the box like turning your Modem On and Off.Simply restart your modem and please be aware of the login details before you do so .

Turning the modem On and Off will refresh the bandwidth at which the modem is running for a while and this will increase your internet speed temporarilly.

6. Go For A Different Wi-Fi Channel

One of the main reason why you are having a slow internet connect is for different people connected to the same bandwidth who live close to you and use the same frequency of bandwidth for their wireless connection. So it is advisable to keep changing your bandwidth requency now and then which will increase your internet by 5-10%.

7. Replace Your Old Router

With the advancing technolgy on a daily basis it is possible that if you are using a route for more then 1year then the router must be out of date as the base software keeps upgrading but the hardware that shares the electronic singels becomes obsolute with time with the increaseing bandwidth speed.

8. Ethernet is your Friend

Believe it or not ethernet cable works wonders in case of downloading or uploading or any other task. As with routers the signal will get weak no matter how close you are to the router due to even the smallest particle of dust the microfrequency emulated from the router will be lost. Wired connection is always best for experiencing the best out of your internet speed.

9. Restricted Access to Router

Always keep your Wi-Fi router password protected as having an open Wi-Fi will attract a lot of free user who may want to use up your internet and in that process making your internet speed slow. Also having a open Wi-Fi network will make it vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

10. Check The Validity Of Your Connection

Most of the time the internet provider reduces the speed on the internet bandwidth once you have crossed the download limit. So you need to track the usage of your internet on a daily basis, doing so will give you an idea on how much data you are using.


These were some of the best of 10 ways to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 10/8.1/8 Computers hope you liked this small article and also hope this help you with insearing your internet speed to the max. If you liked this article or if this has helped you please leave a comment below and share it with your friends. And suggestions are also welcome if you know any other ways of increasing the internet speed.

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