10 Best Android Camera Apps

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As smartphone cameras(with camera app) have advanced from being a mare want to must have powerful feature, but still the hardware will not tell you the in depth the story behind it.Starting from a pinhole camera(VGA) and growing to more then 21MegaPixels(Android Platform). But as the demand goes on, smartphone companies are trying to fit in more and more powerful camera on their device.

But it is’nt possible  for all of us to get a smartphone with the most powerful camera.This is where camera app comes in.Android user have one of the most flexible use camera app to increase their camera quality using just one camera app.

SO today I am going to take you through a list of few of the best camera apps that will help you to capture moments with your ordinary camera which will seem more alive.

List Of The Android Camera Apps

Google Camera app

The one of  Google’s own camera app comes in as default app with few devices. It has one of the best user friendly layout and also some of the best modes and photo fixing.It also comes with an HDR , photo sphhere, panoramic advance mode, lens off blur and also a video capture mode. It supports Android wear which which bascially means that you can control it remotly, allowing you to setup the camera at a stable place and then in the frame to take the photo using this camera app.


Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX has a clean user friendly clean interface and also with settings and features. This camera app is also available with a multi shot mode, like burst mode, time mode, voice activation mode, and a also a steady on shot mode which helps in taking amazing shots. It further contains features like , Brightness stabilizer, Saturation, composition of overlays and much more.


Camera MX

Being a free app, it is good as well as  comes with really cool features like different effects which are specially made off the menu and also for this software only. And with menus where where the filters can be loaded with overlay of frames. You can also find plenty of extra photo effects that can be applied while previewing the photos.


Camera 360 Ultimate

This camera app comes in with a variety of user friendly interface with various filtera nd as well as different types of effect tools with a variety of neumorous special effects.Some of them which are the different shooter mode and also the selfie mode which allows the best effect for the best photo.



Camera 2

Successor to the JFDP Lab’s Papaer Camera App, camera 2 is built upon the paperr camera for RT rendering special effects which has alot of expandable of special kinds of effects. In addition to different effects that can be availed easily for the nearby settings which follows and  can create the looks of retro camera or any old computer monitors where you can notice film grain effect and also the mastery of light effect that allows a variety of effects as with different effects such as exposure tools, focus and white balance.



Retrica is an easy user friendly and easy to use app which claims to fame in the step to impose it’s effects in realtime to your camera focus.The app is featured with a variety of filters to use from into conventional catagories. Users can use the basic shots, apply it to vignette wide borders and a variety of blur off effect and also sharing it with their creations the people through different social media.


So these were a list of the top best camera app for your android device which will make taking photos more fun like never before.Get anyone of them and enjoying clicking a selfie or a groupie photo and start sharing.Hope you like this camera app that are listed here, and have fun playing with them.Please share and comment below about your experience with this awesome camera app.


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