Best Android To Pc File Sharing Apps

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File sharing is one of the most common thing people do, no matter what device they are using.File sharing can occur between two similar device or two or more different devices.No matter what the devices are in time of need we need to share files between the devices to collect the file.

File sharing between two different OS platforms are common now-a-days using different file transfering app which works through Wi-Fi connectivity.But what if you don’t have a wi-fi connectivity.Like if  you want to connect between a smartphone and a pc and to your luck you can’t find a data cable or a USB pendrive.

So,today i am going to take you through new apps and drop drives which will help you to transfer between a device and pc.

Top 5 Ways To Transfer Files Between Android And PC :


Airdroid is basically the best way to connect your android to your pc, with which you can easily transfer sms, or see notification or even control the apps that you want in the latest version. Also you can send data from your PC to the android device. And this can be the best way to connect your android device to the pc easily.



Cloud Storage

One of the best drop storage app for file sharing, and most popular ways with putting files in the cloud to get it back later when you are running out of storage and you don’t have any place to store your files.Cloud storage is one of the best file storage incase you don’t have a storage device and the best thing is, it is still a file transfer as you can login to your account from pc and download and store it there.




CaptureES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another file sharing software where you can get a collection of differenet features which helps to assist you way through connecting through your pc and android device and also to help you with the various ways of connecting trough different wifi networking etc.





Mobizen is an average file sharing app which can’t take much of a pressure but works well with an average speed to store file. can be connected like a storage device and can be used to store files like cloud. Here with this app you can also go on transfering your stuff between the PC and your Android devices and many other devices. You can also transfer between different devices at once.



With this various softwares you will be able to transfer files between your pc and android devices and also with the different device and also between different users at one time.

So, this were few of the best ways to transfer or store by file sharing between device and pc or between device and device.Or you can store your file on cloud and whenever you want you can get them on your device or pc.hope you like this simple ways of file sharing between your android device and pc. If you enjoyed this article , please share and comment below.


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  1. Another easy way to transfer is using Teamplace. I just upload my files at and access them on my android phone with their app.

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