A Short History of Ringtones

Every cellular producing company has their own “ONE” unique ring tone that can make any other person accompanied by the name producer of the the phone that the other person have with them.Like wise with iPhone, their own unique ringtone has made people recognized with the type of phone that they other person is carrying.

 Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

Even with the launch of a wide variety of models from iPhone like the latest iPhone 6S Plus/6S/6Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/3GS, their default ringtone can be easily recognizable if one is using them.

We may have seen in a last few decades that when our grandpa or grandma used to use a cellphone, they never used to pay much attention on changing the ringtone,also which in trending now in the new generation.As people have become so much busy with their life, they seem to forget the real fun of having a smartphone.

One of the most common function of a cellphone is their ringtones, even with cellphone which were a decade old and the latest smart phone supports a wide variety of ringtones that can be changed  according to peoples preference.

Ringtone’s Now-A-days

Now even with iPhone’s model and many other smartphone has their own unique brand marked ringtone, along with many other ringtones that makes the cellphone even more customizable.

Not just that the iPhone along with many other smartphones also support any type of ringtone that you want to set which may be a song that you love or a piano note that you heard or any other tune that you want to use as a ringtone.

Sounds pretty cool right ?

Now what if I say you , you can even transfer your old iPhone ringtone to your new iPhone or even if your are getting tight on space, you can simply Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily and get them back when you want.

More over that after you have transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily the next time you want to get the ringtones back you can even choose the ringtones that you want to set which can be  a song that you love or a piano note that you heard or any other tune that you want to use as a ringtone.Let me give you a brief idea why you would want to transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer easily with a transferring program.

Now, Why would you Need A transferring Program ?

You can use a transferring program to help you to transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily, this can be done to keep your iPhone ringtone safe in case you delete the ringtones from your device my mistake.And also for the fact that i Tune has a copyright protection for the default iPhone ringtone to let them be copied to another device, so you need a transferring program to help you encrypt and extract the ringtone int your PC easily.

This where the 3rd party transferring app comes into play.

And here today I am going to use an app namely Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer.With  this app as you know by the name you can basically help you with any Apple based product(Not MACBook) ringtone or another related file related transferred to a computer.

About CoolMuster iPad iPhone iPod To Computer Transfer

Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

As the name says, this is really a cool app that can help you to export data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod directly to your computer.Now with the latest version you can transfer a wide variety of more files like: contacts, text messages, notes, Safari bookmarks, songs, videos, playlists, photos, audio book, eBooks, TV shows, etc. from Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch/nano/shuffle to PC at ease.

Other Features Include :

# Fully compatible with all generation of iOS devices, including the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPod touch 5, etc.

#A fantastic way to manage data on computer instead of portable devices.

#You can also view a wide variety of files right ton the transfer which saves you the time of viewing the file on your computer or iPhone then to transfer them.

# Now you can even find the desired file that is among st a lot of files by simple searching for the file in the search button on the top.

#With the one click export, you can now instantly transfer all your data from your iPhone to your computer without selecting the files that needs to be copied when you are in hurry.

Bonus Features : Easy To Use, Batch Transferring & Free Life Time Upgrade Service.

So, now that you learned all about the Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer, let me take you through the easy steps on how you can actually Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily using this amazing & handy app.

Steps To Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

Before starting off with the steps, first you need to take a note that you have installed the software into your computer and also see if i Tune is available on your computer.If you all are done with this simple things then you can proceed with the download.

#1. First you will e required to start up the program, when the program launches you need to click and select the the “Ringtones” option from the list.After doing so , all the ringtones available in your iPhone will be displayed on the transferring program.

Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

#2.Now it completely depends on you, whether you want to completely copy all the ringtone to your PC or you just want to copy a few. If you want to copy all at once you will simply need to click on Check All and then hit Export.And if you want to export any specific ringtone then you can select the file/files that you want to copy and then hit Export.

Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily

#3. Now that you have click on Export after selecting the specific files to copy or all the files to copy, now you simply need to wait till the transfer is over, you will be automatically notified when the transfer is over and then you can move the specific folder however the file has been extracted along with the quality you like.

And that is it , you have successfully exported all the ringtones that you want/or the specific ringtones that you want right into your PC.

Is This File Transferring App Up To The Mark ?

So, this how simple it is to Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily with this simple app and you can also transfer a wide variety of other files that are available in your iPhone to your PC in case your are scared of losing your important data or any file.This app has all the functions that you need in a file transferring app and also allows you to avail them at a price of premium version of $35.95 only.

I personally think that this app can be a real life saver if your are always on the go and need to save files constantly from your iPhone to your PC to use your iPhone to that fullest with a lot of space left which won’t let your device to lag or slow down.

Hope you liked this simple steps on how you can Transfer iPhone Ringtones to Computer Easily and if you did then please share it with your friend and family members who are always on the go or cautious about not loosing their important files.Also leave a comment below about your experience using this app  & also if you have any queries.

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