With all the latest apps and widgets that are launched now and then everyday, everyone tends to use for their entertainment or educational purposes.Apps, games, and many other widgets can be fun to use and also can save you a lot of time making your life more easier and convenient.

Also with the latest smartphones that are launching everyday with more and more fast processing system configuration and also with a wide variety of  devices to choose from we are most likely to choose the best smartphone within our budget.

And keeping in mind the system configuration  that allowing the device to run smoothly with a decent amount of apps installed together.You will also notice the launch of the latest games and apps that take up a lot of space of our smartphones.

We end up installing a lot of apps all together at a time, which may not slow down your smartphone at first but we all do notice a lag after sometime or some days.

Also we are going to talk about few of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

First Steps That You Take When You Notice That Your Device Is lagging

Now to solve this problem you may first go for uninstalling some of the apps that you think are not important, and start deleting a large amount of photos and videos that you have been collecting for a considerable amount of time to free up the device space.And at the end, all you notice is that you have deleted the photos and videos for nothing, as you device is still slow and lagging like before.

Using a lot of apps can be the first reason why your device is running slow but you should know that even with a considerable amount of apps that are recommended to be installed by the manufacturer, you can go on installing more and more app without lagging your smartphone.

For People Who Use Their Smartphone On The Go

Also note that, some of us may have a decent amount of apps installed in our device to help us get through our daily life works, especially for bloggers like me, we tend to have a lot of social media apps installed on our device and also with a lot of my important documents that takes up a lot of space in my device.But I can’t go around deleting all my files or un-installing my apps in case my device slows down as they also don’t have any Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

Also it is not always possible to keep transferring my document right on my PC or laptop while I am traveling.

So, how would I handle all the lag and still continue with my work in my daily life ???

Now to know about this, you will need to know the main reasons behind, Why you device gets slow or laggy at the first place.So let us first discuss and learn why really our device gets slow.

Why Your Device Tends To Be Laggy/Slow

First to solve the problem with the device, you have to know them main causes why your device tends to slow down.Basically what happens is, you go on uninstalling few of the apps and deleting your contents but in the end you still keep on facing the same old slow down problems.

If you have already deleted the apps and the contents in your device and still facing the problem of slowing down, then it’s the temporary files and the caches that you are required to clean. For cleaning this types of  files you can’t use just move around in your internal storage and  go on deleting the temporary files and caches.

Not only that, you also require to keep the system trimmed and optimized to get a faster performance and a smooth operation on your device.

For this kind of files & clean performance works you need to have a custom made app that can help you with solving the slow/lagging problems.


To solve all this problems, today I am going to take you through few mind blowing apps that will help you to keep your device optimized to offer the best performance and also to keep your device free of space for all other resources.

This apps will help you to prevent lagging of your device and with this Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab with the most optimized space to let you even install or run multiple apps when you need to.

 Best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab

#1. Advanced Task Manager


Advanced Task Manager is a simple yet  powerful task killer which can help with killing any background app that is running in the background.Also with the advanced settings you can set the app to automatically clean the apps that are running in the background.This also acts as a app manager and you can also manage all your apps from this app.


This app also automatically cleans all you cache data and also cleans all your  temporary files that lay around and eat up your valuable space.

You just have to launch the app and you will be able to see the list of apps that’s running in the background and you can simply stop the apps by clicking on stop all or by closing the apps one by one.

This also optimises your RAM by freeing up a large chunk of the RAM that was being used by the background app.This is one of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

Advanced task Manager is available for both Android phones and Tabs.

#2. Clean Master



Clean Master is considered one of the best optimiser out there as it help you to clean all your junk files, cache  and all the unused files that may end up consuming a lot of your device space.


This app lets you to optimise your device to the best and also helps you to free up a lot of the RAM  that gets clogged out between the background apps compared to any other apps in it’s category.

This app also comes with a cleaning module that helps you to clean up all the browser history and residual files and also with uninstalling app and thus helping you to keep your device clean and optimised all under one single place.This is one of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

Clean Master is available for both Android phones and Tabs.

#3. App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is another optimizer for your device that can help you with cleaning up your Phone out of the space and also to help you to keep your phone optimized till a specific limit that you can set.


And then the RAM usage or the Memory usage reaches the limit the app automatically cleans up all the extra files and junks that basically slows down the device.

This app can help you to clean out a lot of the space that gets clogged up in your device and thus making your device slow to run no matter what much you try to clean it.So, if that the problem your are facing, App Cache Cleaner is what you need & making this one of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

App Cache Cleaner is available for both Android phones and Tabs.

#4. Android Booster

The Android Booster is a simple app that allows you to keep your device hydrated just like a fish in water.It helps you to clean up all the extra apps that is running in the background.


This also helps to instantly charge up your device out of all the space that is basically taken up by the temp files and history files of the browsers and even the cache files that cannot be deleted because of the unavailability of access to those files.

In addition to this features you will also get a flexible battery manager that will help to conserve a lot of your battery juice and also with a file manager and a network Manager tools.This is one of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

Android Booster is available for both Android phones and Tabs.

#5. Startup Manager

With this app you can easily manage any type of file that has been stored in your device but is of no use and also the RAM that has been occupied by those files.


The amount of files that can be cleared with this app is an epic.Starting from the startup files and also the files that tends to be left behind after you have something unsaved and deleted from galary.

This also helps you to cleanup a wide variety of history files and many other files that cannot be cleaned with any other app manager, as uninstalling few apps leaves behind files that stays in the device which eats up a lot of the space and also causing the device to slow down.This is one of the best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.

Startup Manager is available for both Android phones and Tabs.

So these were a list of the Top 5 best Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab.This apps will help you to get through all the little problems that you have to face daily due to laggy device which is generally caused due your storage getting blocked up with junk files and the temporary files and caches that cannot be deleted normally from the built-in file manager.

Hope you liked this list of the top 5 Android Apps to Speed Up Android Mobile or Tab, if you did like this article then please share it with your friends and also leave a comment below if you have any query.Also if you think I have missed any of the optimizes that you think should be in the list then also leave a comment below, your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you for reading



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