Xiaomi also called Mi is new Chinese Smartphone brand which is in great trend these days. Xiaomi is a chineese electronics company based in Beijing. In this post I am going to tell you about why you should purchase a Xiaomi smartphone.

Currently Xiaomi smartphones are in great demand and are selling like hot cakes. In India the demand for these smartphone is so high that Xiaomi  is unable to meet that high demand. People are going mad for purchasing it.


Recently Xiaomi becomes world’s third largest smartphone vendor. In china, the Xiaomi is no. 1 in smartphone market. Most of the people will think that It’s a Chinese brand and the quality of the product will be poor. If you are also one of those ignorant folks then you are totally wrong. In fact Xiaomi is known for their product quality with high-end specifications. Mi is also called Chinese Apple.

If still you are not convinced then take a look at some of the reason which will convince you that Xiaomi smartphone are just made for us.

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Xiaomi Smartphones

1. Price

Price of Mi phones is the major factor for its high demand. Price of these smartphones are so low that no other smartphone brand are not able to compete with them. For example: Recently Redmi 1S Smartphone from Xiaomi has launched and demand for the same is so high that stock of 40,000 units gone in 2-3 seconds. Xiaomi already explained that price of their phones are so low because of no advertising cost and by selling their phone only through online retailer they save a big chunk of sales cost. Thats why the phone is so cheaper.

2. High-End Specifications

Not only in price section but specifications of Mi phones are so high that no other smartphone brand can not even think to produce high-end specifications at standard price. Let I explain it. Specification of Redmi 1S includes 4.7″ 720p  display, 1.6 GHz of Qulacomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP Rear camera with Sony BSI Sensor, 1.2MP front camera, Two microphones, Dirac-sound and major sensors are also included. They are giving these feature in Redmi 1S at just 5,999 INR or US $ 100.

Can you find any phone which have these high-end specifications at very low price?

3. Quality

Quality of all Mi phones are highly satisfactory. I personally used one of the Mi phone. Though every electronic item has some issues from time to time. But when I used their phone for a period, It run flawlessly. They even say that their phone are tested 1000 of times before dropping for sale. They include internal parts of phone from big brand like Qualcomm, Sharp and Sony.

4. One Of The Largest Smartphone Vendor

Recently according to an industry study Xiaomi has become the 3rd largest smartphone vendor in the world and giving tough competition to Samsung. So you want a great branded smartphone then go for Mi Phones.

5. Be Different

If you don’t want to be different then you will always be same. Choosing Mi is meant to be different. There are many people who feels great to be a part of group some different group then others. Xiaomi is one among it. Choose Mi and forget all others.

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