10 Best Android Camera Apps

As smartphone cameras(with camera app) have advanced from being a mare want to must have powerful feature, but still the hardware will not tell you the in depth the story behind it.Starting from a pinhole camera(VGA) and growing to more then 21MegaPixels(Android Platform). But as the demand goes on, smartphone Read more...


Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps

Android devices now a days have become useful and also a must have essential part of our life.We do all types of works, entertainment, educational purposes and many other works with an android device. Not to mention sharing screenshot of gameplay with friend of highscore and reaching a new level Read more...


Top 5 Cheap Hoverboard For Use

With technology advancing more and more everyday, making our daily life more easy and convenient, we come across a wide variety of tech and gadgets that helps us do everything more easily and even without consuming much of our precious time. As the phase says “Time is Money” he like Read more...


Cutest Robot In The World

In the world of advancing technology mixed with human emotions, it would really be a shame if we can’t create something that would  make our heart feel warm and make us smile.Even with all the fancy gadgets and hi-tech smart phones coming out daily in the market, it really can’t Read more...

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