How to remove tagline from genesis child theme

Hello friends, many of you wanted to remove tagline from header area but not from the page title. So by using Genesis framework you can easily hook or unhook any functions without modifying Genesis Framework (Parent Theme). You can remove tagline by simple one line of code in your child themes Functions.php file. Add the below code to remove Site Description from your child theme.

Please follow the below steps to remove tagline (site description) from genesis child theme

  1. Open your child theme functions.php file
  2. Add below code to your functions.php file
  3. Click on save button at bottom of functions.php file
  4. Refresh your page to see the home page without tagline (site description)

Below given images are taken from my latest custom genesis child theme. This theme is available freely downloadable from our Genesis Framework Themes Section.

Before adding code in functions.php file

After adding code in functions.php file

You can follow the above steps to remove tagline ( site description) from your Genesis Child Theme website and do let me know in comment section if you find this tutorial difficult or facing any issue while implementation.

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