How to Play Pokémon Go with Fake GPS on Android

People are going mad due to the Pokémon Go game. Interesting stages and curiosity is the main thing which is attracting the people towards this game. You need internet and proper GPS location to play this game. Because it’s a location based game and you need to move to different places to catch the Pokémon. First of all, players need to create their account then they have to create their avatar by selecting the dress, skin, hairs and other features of that. After creating it, players will see their avatar on the geo location which will be provided by them. Some qualities and tools will be available for every player like eggs and potions etc. These things will help players in finding the Pokémon and in defending them. Different types of Pokémon will be present at the different locations and you have to go to those places to find the Pokémon. When you will find the Pokémon on the given locations then you will be rewarded according to that.

But some people want to play this game without moving from their place. For example if someone is in his/her office then he/she cannot move from his/her place. Some people try to play this game while sitting in the car, bus or train and some people are too much lazy. They don’t want to move from their places to play Pokémon due to their laziness. In that case, we are providing some methods through which you can play the game without moving from your place. We are going to tell some steps if you will follow those steps then you will be able to play the game by sitting anywhere. Remember, you need to follow these steps carefully. If you will do something wrong then they will ban your account and your performance will lose.

For this purpose, there are some preconditions and you should fulfill these conditions otherwise you will not be able to follow these steps.

Following are the preconditions:

  • Android Device
  • Installed Pokémon Go game
  • Fake GPS (Pokémon Go Fly GPS Hack – It is available on Google play store and proper method of installation is given there)

Steps to follow:

  • After following these steps, you will be able to Pokémon game without moving from your place and you can enjoy it anywhere.
  • Check that your phone is ready according to the preconditions
  • Turn on the developer option in your phone
  • Now, go to settings, then go to developer option. Here, select mock location app and then select Fly GPS.
  • Now go to location in settings and set GPS mode to high accuracy.
  • After these steps, launch Fly GPS app & then point out any location which you want to locate. First click the desired location and then press “Please select the menu”.
  • After that press on “GPS Service Run” when you will press this option then it will open a pop up in which a menu will be shown. One option will be “Joystick Location Mode” select this option.
  • Close all the windows
  • Now you are ready to play the game. Open the game, here you will see a joystick and you will be able to move through it.

Open the game and enjoy it without moving to any place. This is very simple method and it works for every Android device. If you will follow these steps correctly then you will get a Pokémon Go game with proper joystick and you will be able to play it without moving from your place. Method is so simple you just need to follow it carefully.

But there are also peril and risk in this method. If you will make a single mistake in following these steps then they will ban your account. Your performances will lose. For this purpose there are some precautions which you need to follow carefully.

  • Try to change your location based on flight mode
  • Don’t select the wrong option during the installations
  • Don’t go to other options. Stay on track

If you will select a wrong location then on correcting the location if there will be distance between those locations then you need to wait until that. Sometimes you can face some error while doing these steps or after that. You can face the errors like updating or not installing and these are very common errors.

This is all about Pokémon game and its fake methods. This is really an interesting and people love to play this game but they don’t want to move from one place to another place. That’s why we have provided a proper solution of that problem. Now you can play the game after installing the fake GPS in your mobile and you don’t need to move from one place to another place after installing this. Open the game now and enjoy it.

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