Once in awhile we all do face the problem of running out of space in our smartphone while downloading and installing any app from google play. Or you may simply want to download and keep the apk files for installing it later.

You can either save the apk files on your cloud or directly to your pc and later use it by transferring into your phone.

There are a couple of extensions and website that can help you with getting your desired apk file of app or game etc.

So today I am going to take you through the most basic ways to download apk files from google play.This will include only 2 simple steps on how you can do it on your pc.

2 Simple Ways To Download APK files From Google Play


Browser Extension To Download APK files From Google Play

If you are a regular downloader of games and apps from google play then a browser extension is what you need.

There are a variety of extensions to to help you with downloading  apk files from google play.For this article I am going to use the CodeKiem’s PAK extension v2.It supports both Chrome & Firefox browser.


  • Now that you have installed the new extension to whichever browser you prefer, you will need to enter your email id(This will store the extension association with Google Play acc & also the ID for your extension)


  • Now you will need  to download Device ID to get your ID working & this will be linked with your android device  with email and the associated password that was sent to you earlier to login into the APK downloader app.


  • Now that you have done all the steps correctly, you can Go to the Google Play Store that you want to download.
  • You will notice a Download APK option beside the app that you want to download beside “;’Install’ OR ‘Buy’ which you prefer.

ANd that it, now your desired game or app will be downloaded as an .apk file.This is how you can download apk files from Google Play store.Now you can simply install the .APK file on your android device when you want.

Using Website To Download Apk Files From Google Play Store

For those who don’t need to use much of installing new apps and games but prefer to keep everything up to date, you can go with a website that will help you to download and save the apk files.

  • You simply need to find the app that you want to download in the Google Play Store.
  • Now copy the app’s URL address.
  • Simply go to Evozi’s APK Downloader(Extension for both Chrome & Firefox)
  • When in the URL paste the URL that you copied earlier.


  • Click on Generate Download Link to save a link in your computer.
  • Now you can simply download the .APK file.

And that is how you can download APK file using a website to download APK files from Google Play.

NOTE: As this is a aftermarket APK, to install this file you will need to enable ‘Unknown Source’ in security settings of your device.

(Settings>> Security >> Unknown source)

So these were the 2 most simplest ways on how you can Download APK Files From Google Play.

Hope you liked this article and if you did then please share and leave a comment below.Thank you reading and Enjoy.

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