How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10: If you have any spare windows 7 PC you may try to install them into windows 10. It is simple to install windows 10 by using windows update to upgrade than doing a clean install. It will also allow you to keep your settings, personal files and most apps in your PC.

Before starting run the “windows upgrade assistant” to check whether your PC have adequate space to install and also if it is compatible in your PC. PC running with OS windows 8.1 has no problem in installing OS windows 10.

Note: In order to download and install windows 10 for free you will require valid windows key for 7 and 8.

Windows 10 is very much compatible with hardware and software .Windows 10 has elegant built in apps like maps, photos, news, TV and movies etc. all these app use one drive to back up your information across your windows devices. Windows 10 is the most secured OS and is always covered against viruses, malware, and other threats attacks. Playing games in windows 10 is better than other OS. You can play games connecting with Xbox One .

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10 from your Windows 7/8/8.1

Update windows 7 to windows 10 technical preview: First you need to sign up as windows insider which is free and anyone with a Microsoft account can join. After complete set up with windows insider you can proceed to start upgrading. Open windows 10 technical preview and click “start upgrade now” as shown below.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

On clicking it will start downloading some executable file to install. It will automatically search for appropriate windows 10 tec. preview either 64 or 86 or 32-bit version.

Now restart your PC, login in and you will find that window is already checking for updates as shown below.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

After few second you will be presented an update available to upgrade windows 10 tec preview. Click on the install button shown on the available updates as shown below.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

On completion of download, it will ask if to continue with the updates or stop the upgrade all together as shown below.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

On continuing with the update, duration of time may vary depending on the speed of the net connection. It may take an hour or longer. While the PC is being upgraded it will restart several times.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

On complete set up process and signing in of your Microsoft account, upgrading will be complete. Now you will find new desktop with new windows 10 features along with the application that were present in the windows 7.

How to Download And Installed OS Windows 10

You are now ready to use upgraded version of windows 10 in your PC having windows new designs and styles. After complete upgrade you may also check for update where you may find some updates files available and may install them.

If you love to have new designed and stylist icon, desktop, menu and work faster than windows 7,8, 8.1; you may upgrade the OS windows 7 or 8 or8.1 already existing to OS windows 10 in your PC. It will serve you better game playing, better browsing and many more.

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