Photo editing has been a crazy for quite a long time now. Photo editing dates back even to the first photo which was clicked. And till date we do edit photos now and then for fun and for professional use too . Starting from the world of movies to fashion and even at our home photo editing is being used every now and then.

With the new smartphones photo editing apps, it has been replacing all the old digital age camera which had considerable performance and much extra help from this photo editing apps which would help us edit the image we want in seconds.

And speaking of that , today we are going to discuss about the top best android photo editing applications.

Best Android Photo Editing Apps

PhotoDirector: The Ultimate

You can count on to this software as the great multimedia company it self like cyberlink   itself launches the software for android.It is basically a multi use photo editting software and you might want to keep an out for this app.

With this app you can easily impose overlay into your photos and also get artistic & creative with the effects that follows of different kinds kinds of photo styles. Or putting it up the notch a bit and use the Photo Director’s most advanced system to the fullest with functions .


Photo Editor by Lidow: The Fast and Fun

Lidow is really a handy and quite a time saver app for most hassles that you have to face from other apps. Its has built-in thousand of options, settings and filters. It is definitely a less complexity than many other different editors of its list.It is quite fun even to use this app and also you can do your all works in seconds. This is really an handy and can be used easily within seconds to help you edit any image that you want to edit.


VSCO CamThe Android Favourite

VSCO is considered the most downloaded software in the history of android cam software. It is a dedicated app for camera, where you can use different types of filters for different photos.And moving further into the deeper side of the application you can use it for some serious high tech photography.

With a very good and user friendly interface this has been considered the based of the kind also being most comfortable then most of the apps out there.


Adobe Lightroom MobileThe HeavyWeight

An adobe app of the leading image edditing in photography standard. The different versions of  Adobe Lightroom is specially featured with tools you may know from desktop version all can be taken together in a pocket size.

Adobe light is  ow available in the market and was launched Dec 7,2015.

When you are subscribed to the various types of photo editing software not knowing the various types of software to edit them while being synced with different desktop and laptop version with full registered versions.



Pixlr ExpressThe Fast One

Coming back from the different creators of Pixlr-O-Matic now you have come up with a whole new editing app for making their work of editing done fast and easily. With alot of  effects like cosmetic editing (red-eye removal, brightening, and smoothing for social sharing.


So, these were few of the best 6 android apps for editing your photos and doing that in fun.These were few of my personal favourite,hope you like them all. If you do please share and leave a comment below and enjoy using this apps to create what you always wanted.


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1 thought on “Best Photo Editing Apps For Android”

brian · November 5, 2016 at 12:55 pm

Truly awesome apps…

I got tired of using Canva and Picmonkey… So I decided to look for an option that would create great images and save me some much needed time. I found KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro and I love them.

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