If you own a Windows PC then you should read this article based on best free media players for Windows PC. To play media files like Videos, Our computer system needs a software called Media Player. Most of you already know about Media Players.

Without a Media Player software, any Windows PC can not play a single media file like any song or video. Today people wants to watch videos in HD and Full HD. These types of videos have great picture clarity. But to play these video files, we also need a capable media player. So this post will give you all information about best media player for Windows PC.

Top 5 Best Free Media Player For Windows PC

1. VLC Media Player: Best Video Player For Windows


VLC Media Player is an open source software developed under VideoLAN Project. VLC Media Player is best media player till now. After installing VLC, you don’t need to worry about playing any media file. VLC will play all files, you through at it. It plays most of the media files super-smoothly. Most of us stream videos from internet, you can also stream videos from VLC Media Player. Whether you are beginner or advanced user, you can easily customize the settings of VLC.

It can also play incomplete downloaded files. A 64-bit version of VLC is also available.

2. GOM Media Player

Best Free Media Player For Windows PC

GOM Media Player is another free media player which easily plays most of the media files right in your Windows PC. There is an interesting feature in this player that is you can specify which codec to use. Also adjusting audio and video settings is very simple.

You can also choose which skin to use for the player which makes this software more appealing. It also plays locked or partially downloaded files. Its other feature include HTTP Streaming, enhanced filter rendering and much more.

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3. Media Player Classic Home Cinema


Media Player Classic is another great media player to your video files. Media Player Classic is a very smooth media player and consumes very less CPU. Media Player Classic when installed with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack then it plays almost every media file.

It’s a long time competitor of VLC Media Player.

4. Daum Pot Player


Pot Player is another best free media player for Windows PC. Its lightweight and  can easily play all modern video and audio formats with the support of its built-in codecs. It plays all video and audio formats in high quality. It uses DXVA for playing videos so that it consumes minimum CPU resources. It can also play incomplete or damaged AVI files.

Pot Player is a highly recommended media player for your media playing needs.

5. KM Player

Best Free Media Player For Windows PC

KM Player is another best video player for Windows OS. It can easily plays any video format, you want it to play. It also supports WIDI, 3D and 4K. But some what its interface looks heavy and cluttered. When installing you have to pay attention to installation of only main software (KM Player). Otherwise some unwanted software also get installed with it.

6. Windows Media Player


When it comes to media player in for Windows OS, you can not avoid Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is the default media player in Windows. Most of you are wondering that why Windows Media Player is here in this list when it can not play all media files. It is because WMP is default media player in Windows and it can surely play almost all files when K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is installed. Also it is very lightweight.

So these are some of the best media players which you can try on your Windows Computer. I have personally tested all of these media players on the basis of some basic points like CPU usage, interface, codec support, smoothness and much more.

If you know about any other great media player, feel free to mention that in comment section.

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4 thoughts on “Top 6 Best Free Media Player For Windows PC”

Rahul Krishnan · November 5, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Hi Rahul,
Superb post. I thought you introduce ordinary media players. I prefer KM Player on top of everyone. I personally love it a lot and very fond of the feature to seek forward and backward with arrow keys. Volume control can also be done with up and down arrow keys. But I like to play old media files with VLC because it gives much volume than others (upto 400% I think). Daum Pot player is new to me among the list.

Thank you so much for yet another superb post.

Rahul Krishnan (I too am Rahul! LoL)

    Rahul Biswal · November 6, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Hi Krishnan,
    I made this list by personally testing all listed media player on the basis of some key points like Codec support, CPU & memory usage, UI, Customization and more.

    VLC media player came on top of that test.

    Thanks again, Keep Visiting.

Manik · November 10, 2014 at 10:07 am

Hi Rahul,

This is really cool list of media player for PC. I always use KM player and just love it for different features and functions. I also sometime use VLC Media player and Windows Media player. They are also pretty.

    Rahul Biswal · November 10, 2014 at 10:15 am

    Hi Manik,

    Nice to see you here. Thanks for giving another relevant comment.

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